No Money to Travel

International camps help ME how???  If you want to know the truth, cultural exchanges educate the host more than the student.  Being part of programs like, you and your family get out of your comfort-zones in the comfort of your own home.  Explaining the whys of American culture, gets you to think, I mean really think, about what it means to be American.  You might not have a good answer. You might just not know. However, the journey you take navigating your international student might be the best research. See your culture in the eyes of another for a few weeks; I bet it will change your life! 

Your student’s excitement for what you consider ordinary will make you want to know more about the traditions and customs of the U.S.  One thing, I find intriguing in being part of international programming is being able to go to places I would not visit.  The simple fact that I want to show each student a national treasure, a part of Americana, makes me actually appreciate all that is around me.  

Enjoying the art, history and architecture of your city or region with your student will be an experience of a life time.  Aha moments that will be shared both here and abroad.