Learning by Numbers

     Why doesn’t my kid get it? Why are other kids so much more ahead of the curve? Why can’t he read faster, spell better or just learn his multiplication tables??? WHY???

     Learning, anything, is developmental.  The process of learning is about moving information or skills into your long-term memory.  We can do this with repetition.  The more often we see/ use/ hear the word or task, we learn it.  As a foreign language teacher for over 25 years, I have to remind my students of all ages that the target language will come but it depends on the number of repetitions necessary to move the vocabulary into their long-term memory.

  I, as the instructor/facilitator, can only guess how long it will take.  Each person has a set amount of times necessary for the transfer of information to be placed into the recall section of the brain.  Recalling is being able to draw information without hesitation.  As you are able to store and retrieve without hesitation, then innovation can take place.  INNOVATION. CREATIVITY. NEW IDEAS…Critical thinking.

     If you want to learn more about critical thinking in the classroom to the marketplace, please email me Liz@TLP.education for a copy of my booklet: Thinking Outloud.