Healthy Competition

Everyone knows that person who is a sore loser or worse a sore winner.  Those do not know healthy competition.  Whether you compete against others or with yourself, the gauge must be set on healthy.  How do you know if your competitiveness is constructive and productive?   Consider the following questions: 

1.      After a competitive bout, do you dwell on your failures or your success to the point that no other topic can be raised?

2.     Does the focus of your free time involve some aspect of compensating a failure in your abilities to compete?

3.    Are you thrilled in the defeat of your opponents?

4.    How long do you see your competitive career lasting?

After answering these questions, examine closely your responses.  Do they seem balanced? If another responded like you have, would you want to associate with them?  Now, think of your children.  Are you instilling the competitiveness that will make a reasonable adult?