Embracing New Ideas

How many times have we worked with individuals that are reluctant to any change?  I remember my family room had white walls.  I did not choose this color or desired to have white walls;  that is just how the builder painted them.  After years of staring at “eggshell” white, I decided to paint my walls.  My newly-wed husband was reluctant to paint the walls due to an irrational fear of change.  He couldn’t fathom what he would do if he didn’t like the color.  This reluctance was the topic of many discussions.  His inability to embrace the new idea, painting the walls, kept him from moving through the higher levels of critical thinking.  He was unable to come up with a solution…a compromise.  When we are unwilling to embrace new ideas, we find ourselves pigeon-held.   Conclusions cannot be reached. Innovation cannot be created.  Problems will not be solved. Interpersonal skills are not practiced.  Next time you shut down a new idea, think about what you might be losing…the next Social Media phenomenon or super tech or maybe a trip of a life-time.