Cap + Gown= Adult?

I apologize for the delay in writing, but I have to say February was a busy month.  I think if you are the parent of a senior in high school, you are seeing graduation closer than ever now.  Your child is going to be a part of the “adulting” class.  The day is coming where they will need to fend for themselves in such a way that has been defined as an “adult.”  So as I pen these thoughts, I would hope you all take the time to run through the checklist of last minute “adulting” items.

  1. Can you soon-to-be adult navigate a banking website?
  2. Can they write a check (if need be)?
  3. Can they send a letter or package in the mail?
  4. Can they return a purchase online or in a store?
  5. Can they drop off and pick up a prescription?
For the seasoned “adulter,” we often forget that our children might not know how to do these very necessary activities because they have been done for them or we just assume they know because they are computer savvy.    However, it is in fact, our responsibility to mentor our children into this long stage of life.  There are nuances that come from experience and not from a textbook.  They might not master it all before graduation but starting now will at least get them thinking about “adulting.”

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